5 steps to sustainable pet care.

Did you know that a medium-sized dog has more of an ecological impact than driving a 4.6 litre Land Cruiser 10,000 kilometres a year (The New Scientist). That might come as a surprise, but fear not, there are plenty of ways that eco-conscious dog owners can lower their carbon pawprints. Have a read of our top tips below...

1. When it comes to food- Quality not Quantity

Your dog should look good and feel good. A few extra pounds on your dog's waistline isn't good for their health, and it’s certainly not good for the planet. This is because every extra portion of food you add to their bowl, means more resources used and more carbon produced.

Good quality dog food that doesn’t use corn, food dyes or other additives keep your dog’s belly fuller for longer, meaning you can feed them less. This is good news all round. In short, focus on feeding your dog less but feeding them better.

A company who do this well is GooodUK dog food, All of their recipes are grain-free, use free-range or organic meat and follow a holistic nutritional concept.Their premium sustainable dog food has no artificial colouring's, flavourings or preservatives. They also stay well away from genetically modified crops and add no extra sugar and are carbon neutral- what more could you want?!

2. Biodegradable poop bags

Cleaning up after your dog is the worst part of any walk, and many dog owners use single-use plastic bags which are binned, and end up in landfill- gross! Why not try using biodegradable bags instead!

There are an estimated 900 million dogs in the world - which means a lot of dog poo bags. So, switching to an eco-friendly alternative will do the job just as well without the rubbish consequences.

3. Walk locally

Driving a car two miles produces 0.88kg of carbon. That might not sound like that much, but if you’re driving to your walks every time then that really adds up.

Instead of taking the car why not walk locally? If you are in an urban area then head to your local park, or if you’re struggling for green space then how about taking a bus ride with your dog to the countryside.

4. Buy Eco or make toys

Most dog toys are made from plastic and when they have been thoroughly played with they tend to be thrown in landfill- not ideal!

You can buy toys such as rope balls that dont create this waste. You can also buy from companies such as Green and Wilds for some Eco dog toys.

5. Foster a dog or cat if you dont have one

Why create demand for new puppies and kittens when there are already so many in shelters. Not only do the animals in shelters prefer to be in warm loving homes but as you aren't creating a new life you aren't creating the carbon footprint that goes along with that life.

Have a go at trying out some of these eco-friendly hacks to tackle your four-legged friend’s environmental pawprint head on!

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