Get to know your body shape and colouring

One of the things which are really important to consider while trying to create a capsule wardrobe is your body shape and colouring. Knowing this will ensure that the items you have in your wardrobe suit you and make you feel amazing.

In this blog, I'm going to tell you how to work out your colouring and then outline the basic body shapes. Different blogs say different things about how many body shapes there are and what they look like. These are the body types I believe in though!

Finding your colouring

The simplest way you can find out whether you suit warm or cool colours is to grab a bright colour such as orange, hold it up to your face if you are warmed coloured then this will make your face 'glow' and light up. If you have cool colouring it will make your face seem washed out and dull.

Another way to tell is thinking about the jewellery you wear. Do you wear more silver or gold? Silver means you have cool colouring, gold means you have warm colouring.

If you're warmly coloured...

You can rock bright colours or anything with a warm undertone such as camel colours. Look and favour warmer tones to bring out your complexion.

If you have cool colouring....

Stay away from bright screaming colours. Anything with cool undertones is for you. If in doubt, blue is your best friend.

Finding your body type:

Inverted triangle

Think of a triangle. Now, think of it upside down.

Your shoulders are you wide, your waist is average and your hips and bum are relatively small. Inverted triangle.

Here are some dead giveaways your this shape:

- Your top size is always bigger than your bottom size

-Your shoulders are wider than your hips

-You have a small bum (no matter how many squats you do!)

What's hot on you :

-Mini skirts & short shorts - Fact, you have great legs. Let’s bring the attention down to them by cutting you in just the right place.

-Patterned, bright and light bottoms- This brings attention to your bottom half again creating a more balanced look.

-Straight vertical lines such as pleats on your trousers- Again, this brings attention downwards.

What's not :

-Patterned or bright tops

-Wide neck tops

-Wide leg trousers or midi skirts/dresses

All of the above brings attention to the wrong areas or enhances the areas we want to draw attention away from. Not ideal.

Pear shapes

Dead giveaways you're this shape:

-You ALWAYS buy a size or two bigger on the bottom than the top

-Your bum and hips are obviously bigger than your shoulders

-You relate to the struggle of buying jeans that fit your thighs and bum but not your waist.

To balance out your beautiful shape we need to take attention AWAY from you bottom half and bring it up to your top.

What's hot

-Girl, you can kill it with a midi or maxi skirt/dress- It lengthens you out bringing attention to your top half and away from your bottom. If you wanna up the sexy factor then throw on a pencil skirt and watch as those heads start spinning.

-A tighter top or jumper- This accentuates your top half putting it on display where it should be!

-Wider necklines, collars or hoods- Again, this will bring attention up. I recommend off the shoulder, V necks and small straps.

What's not

Mini skirts and short shorts - We all wanna be Kylie in her video of ‘Spinning around’ but pear shapes, this is not for you. Having things cut high on your thigh brings attention straight to the bottom half. Not ideal.

Shapeless tops- You have an amazing top half you need to show to the world, what is is doing under that baggy old Tshirt?!

Skinny jeans, bright or patterned trousers. All these will do is make your bottom half look wider.


Dead giveaways you're this shape:

-You always buy the SAME size on top and bottom

-You have an obviously defined waist with shoulders and hips in proportion to one another

-You lucky thing, people probably compliment you on your figure a lot and you nearly always fit things well.

What's hot:

Anything that shows your waist off- trousers and skirts with a clear waistband, belts, crop tops. You have an amazing waist, let's show it off.

Bodycon dresses- Because you have a balanced figure you don't need to hide anything away!

A bin bag- seriously, most things will suit you. Every girl is very jealous of you.

Athletic/ column

Dead giveaways you're this shape:

-Your waist isn’t incredibly defined

-Your waist is more or less in proportion to your shoulders and hips

-You don’t have a particularly ‘big’ anything (bum, boobs, shoulders etc)

What's hot:

-Peplum tops- This baby is going to do ALL the work for you. It's going to give you a defined waistline and make you look more curvy and feminine

-Scoop necks, v necks and anything with a larger curve- Haven’t got curves? Then buy them. Any clothes that have curved necklines are a win for you.

What's not:

-Bodycon dresses

-Shapeless clothes

All of these are just going to do absolutely nothing for you!


Dead giveaways you're this shape:

-You always buy tops a size or two bigger than your bottoms

Unlike the inverted triangle though, your waist and your shoulders are in proportion to each other

-You like to show off your legs more than your waist or shoulders

Whats hot:

-Layers- adding layers to your look lengthens your body out making you look taller and slimmer.

-V necks- You have great boobs, lets show them off!

- Anything that shows off your legs- you have small legs that are amazing. Show. Them. Off.

Using these guideline you should find it easier to know what should remain and what should go for your capsule wardrobe.

I also hope you found this helpful and you managed to work out what might work for you. Remember that these are merely just guidelines and rules are made to be broken. Do what works for you!

Until next time...


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