5 questions to ask yourself before buying new clothes

Sustainability and selectivity go together like salt and pepper. People always assume that if you have a sustainable wardrobe then you have very few clothes but that's just not true. A sustainable wardrobe is one where you really love and value all of your clothes equally and get as much wear from  them as you possibly can. So in order to build a sustainable wardrobe it's important to ask yourself these five questions.   

1.Would I keep thinking about this if I didn't buy it ?

We've all been there, umm-ing and ahhh-ring in the changing room trying to work out whether or not to buy something, we tell ourselves to be good and save some cash but then end up kicking ourselves in a week or two when we go back to get it and it's gone.  If your getting the feeling you would regret it if you left it then its a sign it's time to buy.  If you think  you could walk away and forget about it the next day then buying it really isn't sustainable.

2. Does this flatter my figure, colouring and usual style?

Be really really honest here,sometimes we really love an item but it just wouldn't look good on us. The cut or colour isn't quite right and deep down no matter what you will know it's not quite right for you.  I would also like to stress here, if it doesn't fit properly, its a definite no no. Don't lie to me and yourself and say that you'll lose a stone and then you'll fit it in to it, if it's not right now then leave it.  Finally, think hard about what exactly you already have in your wardrobe that you could wear with the piece your trying on, if you feel you have to buy a few pieces in order to wear this item then its just not worth it. 

3. Would i be able to find this easily second hand in a charity shop?

Somethings you can count on being in charity shops, a white linen shirt, black trousers and denim jackets. These kind of items just aren't worth paying full price for new. 

4. Do I have something similar to this item?

I always think of my mum with this one, there was a phase where pretty much every time she came back from shopping she would bring home a navy blue tunic type dress. If you have something like it already then you don't need another one! 

5. Does this item excite me?

It sounds stupid to think that some fabric with some stitches could cause an emotional reaction but it really should, when you buy yourself a new dress or top you should be getting a little rush. Before buying you should be feeling a little bit of a thrill thinking about what you want to wear with this with and where you want to wear this. If those emotions just aren't there then there's no point in buying.0 Comments

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