How to reconnect with nature

Its so easy to become disconnected from nature. We're so busy all the time it's easy to forget when the last time we spent a good amount of time in a green space was.

​Studies have also shown that humans are instinctively more at ease and relaxed within a natural environment, because of a base predisposition to understand and affiliate with nature. I know this first hand as when I moved to University I began to feel slight amounts of stress slowly creeping in, it took me a while to realise that as someone who grew up in the countryside, much like any animal, I was experiencing stress from being away from my natural habitat and close to huge, open green spaces.

Some time spent walking in parks filled with wildlife really helped lower my stress levels. As humans we are just large, very smart animals. We all need nature in order to connect with our natural habitat. So if your feeling a little disconnected at the moment, not to worry! Here are my five tips to getting back in touch with the wild inside you.

1. Plan a hike or calm walk

Did you know, a walk outside can improve memory and attention span by up to 20 percent?

People don't realise that walking can be as full on or as chilled out as you want it to be. You can pack a rucksack and make it a workout, walking uphill for hours or you can gently stroll the countryside.

In the UK theres so many places to plan a walk and you don't need to be in the country side to find a great one. Ask friends and locals in your area if they know any good walks and then just go! 

Walking outdoors has also been shown to improve energy levels. Try walking outside for 20-30 minutes several times per week to alleviate stress, reconnect with nature and give your mind a boost.

2. Get up early and watch the sunrise

There something so peaceful about being up before the rest of the world and just watching the new day come in. What often makes us so stressed in our day to day life is the feeling of never having enough time, always being in a rush. This is your chance to slow down and simply witness something beautiful. So Prep your coffee, set your alarm and sit and find a good place to watch. 

3. Bring the outside in

Studies have found that offices that bought plants into there work space had a  37% fall in reported tension and anxiety, a 58% drop in depression,  a 44% decrease in anger and hostility and a 38% reduction in fatigue, compared to offices without plants. That's incredible.

The simple act of Just buying yourself a cactus or succulent, having some flowers in your room or including plants in your work-space can help you feel reconnected with nature and therefore calmer. If you're someone who is pushed for time this is a tip you can easily utilise.

One of my personal favourite things is having flowers such as roses or lavender near my bed. This isn't just pleasant to look at but also gives me a little kick of aromatherapy.

4. Find your closest garden, park or forest and explore!

Even in huge cities you can always find small spaces for nature, you just have to look. Get on google and see where the closet area of natural beauty is to you. Go and just sit and stroll, taking it in as it is. You could bring a picnic along with you or a coffee to make it more enjoyable, just make sure to take five minutes just to sit and enjoy it.

5. Grow your own food

One of the sad but convenient things about modern culture is the need for instant gratification due to technology. Not only will growing your own food cultivate tasty produce but it will also cultivate a sense of patience and care. Gardening is a very well known reliever of stress and anxiety and it's obvious why- you have no choice but to slow down and connect.

So those are my five best ways to reconnect with nature! Have you got any ways you like to reconnect? I'd love to know! Comment below or message me on Instagram @rachelmarylou


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