How to shop Ebay

When people think about  the words 'sustainable style' often one of two things happen. One- nothing comes to mind because they don't know enough about the sustainable fashion industry. Two- brands such as People tree, Patagonia and Revolution come to mind. While I fully support these brands, I honestly don't think they are the best option when it comes to buying clothes. I believe in a circular fashion as a more sustainable option. Circular fashion takes clothes from production to shops to consumers and then through recycling back to production. Up cycling is a great example of circular fashion, although the garment actually doesn't have to completely transform in order to be in a circular system. it can just be loved again.  Ebay is such a great way of finding pre-loved low budget pieces and you can find what you want sometimes more easily than on websites such as Asos 

if your looking for something specific....

Your going to a summer wedding. Last year you saw a girl wearing a gorgeous pink dress at a wedding and now you want to find yourself one just like it.  Its as simple as type in  - Item you want  - Size you want it in (if your a size 8 just type an 8 after the search) 

If you want to narrow down the search try using different descriptive words for example instead of pink dress try  - pink midi dress - pink evening dress  - pink floral dress  - pink occasion 

After finding a few great pieces create a watch list, basically just a timed wish list. When you review the list though be brutal with yourself and ask yourself if you really need those clothes, what will you wear them to, what will you wear them with...etc.  📷I got these brand new Superga trainers from ebay for £20.

If you just want to see whats out there...

If you just want to do a bit of shopping and see whats out there for you then type in your favourite brand name and your size, you can make it more or less specific depending on how long you want to spend on there. 

tips on getting a good price 

- never bid early- always wait till the day the auction is ending to bid on, ideally don't bid until an hour before the auction ends.  - If its a buy it now item that's priced too high, you can always (politely) message the owner offering a lower price.  ​- Always check how much postage and packaging is, people can put this up so high that you think your getting a good deal when your really not. 


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