Items you'll always find secondhand

There are some items I see crop up time and again in charity shops

1. Good quality coats and jumpers

This jumper was from the mens section of my local Red Cross and cost £6!

Around this time of year, the charity shops and second-hand apps are absolutely full of quality jumpers and coats. Why? Because these items often take up a lot of space, so when people buy new coats and jumpers, off to the secondhand shops the old ones go.

The thing is, a good jumper or coat never really go out of style. For example, there are photos of the style icon, Bridgette Bardot in a camel trench coat from the 1960s which could easily be in Vogue today.

The jumper I'm wearing in the opening photo is from the men's section, cost me £6 and is pure wool and cashmere and is most likely 10+ years old.

2. Pretty tops

My favourite top is this spotty shirt I bought for £4 at a charity shop.

There are SO many tops in second-hand shops that there is bound to be something for everyone! I would say, 90% of my tops are from either charity shops or Depop and you would never guess they were second hand too!

3. Denim and leather jackets

When are these items not in style?

They're so popular that people are constantly getting rid of these and then buying brand new ones- crazy right?!

I promise you if you went to Depop right now and type in denim jacket you'd find hundreds of items for sale and I reckon 70% of them you would even like.

4. Patterned trousers

These are my absolute favourite pair of patterned trousers. I got them from Ebay for £6, including postage!

I find this one particularly funny, people go for a bold, fun and exciting prints only to be like "Wow no thats too much for me, can't handle it" and into the secondhand shops, they go.

Heres a little reminder for you, those funky trousers look amazing on you and you are a freakin queen! So if your looking for some great trousers go look secondhand first.

5. The basics

White, black, grey, long and short sleeve tops. Blackwork trousers, plain pencil skirts, the whole basic lot you will find all the time in second-hand shops. So next time you need a basic T-shirt, be sure to check out second-hand shops first!


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